Daseinism (also Neodadaism - for better understanding) is a new literary genre founded by me . It expresses the frustrating reality of being thrown into this senseless world.

How to create a daseinistic poem: It take two to create a daseinistic poem: any speaker and a daseinist. The Speaker, who is not very important, talks about anything and the daseinist writes only what s/he hears in a single moment (when s/he decides to write).It is not the point to take notes with sense.

How could such an “absurd” thing come on my mind: I have been thrown into situation in which I had to sojourn (desein) at lectures of introduction to Philosophy and was really boared. So I was taking notes of only those information that I heard in the conscious states which were interrupted frequently.

Thanks to Doc.Pinc of the Faculty of Humanities of the Charies University in Prague, who was the speaker for all of the following poems. Name of the poem is in red!

  • You need they breathed it’s doubtless so I said Patocka’s because that’s how it is by that he even the shadow of the TV watchers on the edge of the one who wants to be a millionaire now the divine looses its ability as the TV watcher proceeds.
  • Will not relate to that what really is the meaning of life it’s not a simple question to do almost nothing it’s not it’s totally it’s completely different that understanding of the self I can’t I will say:no.
  • The soul divine never but undertakes the mission to become only then about the return why the one when he gets why is he going back both are it shows when there’s nothing to eat in the world.
  • Of a matter of none equally genius the same that’s how it really is the teacher from them will move the couple into another state very but for Zenon this Zenon by all his of a philosopher legend.
  • In the area of external objects they have a similar structure on which if we learn this were able compose the alphabet of a thing our culture appears that this is the right in the 20th. Century that’s the same principal.
  • We got to Anaxagoras back when you have it separated they cooked everything the best so that how you never make the goulash why it’s so good.
  • We may on that what is the most present is the will because the soul is capable in our human body what is possible awakens into confrontation and therefore is eternal but the truth lives divinely well will not start to get bored.
  • Now the turtle in place but gets a bit farther shorter will be the turtle but a bit further in the limit will not catch.